What purpose does Moogles bring and what type of Moogles are there.

Moogles migrated to different regions in Era's Vana'diel. The're no longer slaves to your mog house needs.  Upon freeing the Moogles, they decided to lend us their stength to all the adventurers who fearlessly take part in the great battle. 

Buff Moogle

  • Click on the Moogle to gain buffs. Most Moogles will give you Protect Shell Regen Refresh Reraise
  • Buffs wear if you zone, sync or desync from level sync parties and if your HP falls to zero.
  • Most Moogle Buffs last for one hour.  You can rebuff at any time you wish.
  • Enhanced Special Buffs for Mentor Characters.

Mentor Moogle

  • Everything Buff Moogles do
  • Special Mentor Shops only Mentors can purchase from.

Merit Moogles

  • Everything Buff Moogles do
  • Enhanced Job Specific Buffs for the whole party if a Mentor clicks it with a party of 3+
  • Takes away the Weakening State upon clicking.

Moogle Locations

Zone Level Range Positions + Camp Moogle Type
Valkurm Dunes 10+ H-7 @ Outpost Field Manual. F-8 Whitebone Sand Mentor Moogle
Korroloka Tunnel 14+ K-8 Worm Camp Buff Moogle
Qufim Island 18+ H-6 Pug Aly. H-7 Pond Camp Mentor Moogle
Middle Delkfutt's Tower 23+ H-7 Sixth Floor Mentor Moogle
Yuhtunga Jungle 25+ G-5 Mandy Camp Outside of Kazham Buff Moogle
Yhoator Jungle 28+ F-7 Mandy Camp, Take Anoop Npc from Ru'Lude Gardens Buff Moogle
Sauromugue Champaign 28+ G-7 Weapon + Beetle Camp Mentor Moogle
Garlaige Citadel 31+ G-7 Entrance Stair Camp, I-9 Banishing Gate #1 Buff Moogle
Garlaige Citadel 48+ G-7 Drop Down in big Serket Room Buff Moogle
Crawlers' Nest 33+ I-9 Crawler & Lizard Camp Mentor Moogle
East Ronfaure S 32+ I-9 Colibri Camp Mentor Moogle
Western Altepa Desert 41+ H-7 Beetle Camp, Take "Naurmaire" warp npc in Port Jeuno Mentor Moogle
Quicksand Caves 44+ I-10 Beetle + Antica Camp. Use the J-9 Entrance-2 from West Desert Buff Moogle
Wajaom Woodlands 52+ G-8 Lesser Colibri Camp by Chocobo NPC Mentor Moogle
The Boyahda Tree 52+ I-9 Near Aquarius Spawn Mentor Moogle
The Boyahda Tree 65+ H-6 after you drop down the Fafnir Waterfall-C it will be to your left Mentor Moogle
Aydeewa Subterrane 58+ K-7 at the Crawler Camp. Zone in from the I-6 Entrance-1 from Wajaom Woodlands Mentor Moogle
Bhaflau Thickets 61+ F-9 Colibri Camp At the Tower Mentor Moogle
Bibiki Bay 66+ G-10 Far South Mentor Moogle
Bhaflau Thickets 70+ F-6 Greater Colibri Camp Middle area Merit Moogle
Lufaise Meadows 70+ K-7 Roc + Ram Camp. Take the Roc warp Npc in Lower Jeuno for a shortcut Merit Moogle
Vunkerl Inlet S 70+ H-6 Take the Roc warp Npc in Lower Jeuno for a shortcut Merit Moogle