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Below is an index of all of Era's original and customized content.

Original Content[]

Augments - Era features many new custom augments for classic FFXI pieces, allowing you to strive to perfect all of your favorite items to your preference.

Buffing Moogles - These Moogles in some outdoor areas bestow epic buffs onto players.

B.R.O. Moogles - Era's popular big city moogles that boost EXP and give other support to players!

Custom Campaigns and Events - A list of campaigns and events that occur occasionally and in the past on Era.

Custom Commands - Custom commands players can use on Era.

Custom Crafts - An index of recipes created specifically for Era.

Custom Drops - A full listing of the drops Era administration have added to mob pools, giving players improved access to many items.

Custom Trades - A full listing of the Era-exclusive trades with NPCs one can make.

F.A.I.L. Badge Quest - Custom way to swap out CoP, Divine Might, and Apocalypse Nigh rewards.

Goblin Mafia - Hitman for hire. Show Vana'diel what it means to be afraid.

Goblin Footprints - Get gil from finding Goblin Footprints all across Vana'diel

Helper Rewards - Earn rewards for helping other players with mission BCNMs.

Mentor - Era's Mentor mode, a "hard mode" option, is quite unique and newcomers might want to familiarize themselves with it prior to playing.

NM Hunt - How to partake in Era's Notorious Monster Hunt and a cheat sheet.

PVP - Information on accessing the custom PVP area.

Warp NPCs - A full listing of the Warp NPCs found only on Era.

Adjusted Content[]

Assaults - List of working TOAU assaults.

Campaign Medals - Method for obtaining Campaign medals is custom here.

Custom Eggs - Those Easter event eggs have unique usages on Era!

Custom Relics - extra stats for some relics that needed love and added relics for jobs that did not have one (TOAU & WotG).

Custom Respawn Timers - Some EXP mobs respawn faster if you're an appropriate level.

Custom Shop Vendors - Some NPCs have additional items for sale.

Custom ZNMs - ZNMs are available on Era and also feature additional, desirable drops.

Dynamis & Limbus - How Dynamis and Limbus work on ERA.

Game Table - Game tables in Jeuno have a custom gambling game!

Mounts - How to collect your Mounts

Mythic Weaponskills - you can collect the Mythic weaponskills in a custom made quest

Race Specific Armor - Custom way to obtain the level 27- 33 RSE sets

Other Modified Gear - Gear that has been adjusted and not covered by one of the other groups.

Other Items of Interest[]

Donation Perks & Benefits - The server's expenses are paid for by donations. Some perks are available for doing so.

Era Home Page - The home page where you can login to your account for additional features.

!setskin command - A command that can be used to assign any cosmetic equipment appearance to characters.

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