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Start NPC Chululu - Lower Jeuno (I-8)
Requirements Jeuno Reputation 2
Items Needed Tarut: Death
Tarut: Hermit
Tarut: King
Tarut: Fool
Title Granted Card Collector
Repeatable No (See All in the Cards)
Reward Chululu begins fortunetelling
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None Rubbish Day
All in the Cards


  • Talk to Chululu to receive 5 Tarut cards, all of the same type.
    • Unlike on retail, it does not appear to be currently possible to receive additional cards after a certain period of time if the quest remains incomplete.
  • Find other players who have started the quest and trade with them until you have all four different cards (Death, Hermit, King, Fool).
  • Trade the four different cards to Chululu to complete the quest.
    • If you have not completed Your Crystal Ball, then you will receive a cutscene with Kurou-Morou.
  • Once this quest is completed, it is possible to ask Chululu for your compatibility with another player. The player name is asked to be specified in a "Password" field on the screen, and the player must be nearby.
    • (Enter the name exactly as is in-game, the first letter capitalized. If you don't do this it says "too far away.")
  • Note: If you type Chululu's name for the compatibility, she'll reply "What? With me!? Spare me." If you type Kurou-Morou, she'll reply "What? With that creep? Over my dead body!" If you type your character's name she'll reply "Of course you're compatible with yourself! Hello!?"

Game Description

Chululu (Fortunetellers, Lower Jeuno)
You must gather one of each kind of Tarut card before your fortune can be told.

A Real Collection

During Fan Festival 2008, attendees were given a package of Tarut Cards as part of their Gobbie Bags. Each package contained 5 copies of either The Fool, The Hermit, The King or Death. Just like the quest in game, you were to trade with your fellow players to obtain a full set of these cards (displayed below). These cards featured original artwork by Fumio Minagawa.