Ffera Wiki

Custom Maps Click Here.  All you do is copy the Rom folders than paste them into your FFXI folder, which will be located for most people.  Program Files > PlayOnline > SquareEnix > FFXI  When it asks you to overwrite do it for all.  Make sure to save your map pack inside your FFXI back up folder that I hope you made by now.  Everytime the game has an update and all the players are forced to update, you will have to re do this.  Same goes for any custom .dats you may have.  So make sure to always copy and save a pair of your .dats in your back up folder.

Enko's Graphic Tweaking Guide Click Here. Could find some other useful information at our forums.

Battle Mod Information Here  Lots of players use Battle Mod, check it out if its for you.

Mappy Information Here.   Its an advanced mini map that you might like over the original map.

XI View Information Here. It changes up the GUI and Icons to look pretty.  Check it out if you like.

Make sure you check out all the options in the "Config" section in game. 

Chat filters reset, so if you wana be able to see naughty words players type do this.  Go here PlayOnlineViewer > data > dic and remove the vulgar.dic files, I believe theres two of them.  You can always save them in your FFXI back up folder that you made.  

Changing FPS to 60 for Windower. Make sure you have the Config Plugin ON. Go to Windower4 > plugins > settings > config.xml
Important Note Some CS's won't work with 60 fps, you will have to force close and change back to 30.