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Cruor is a currency type used for augmenting items on Era.

In 2021, the method for obtaining Cruor was changed. Players earn Cruor based on the Experience Points (EXP) they earn from killing mobs in standard zones, excluding event zones like Dynamis and Limbus. Mentor characters gain it at 4 times the standard rate, to make up for their EXP rate being 1/4th of that of regular characters.

Players will also be awarded Cruor when assisting others with key battlefield clears vital to another player's progression.

In addition, players may now exchange the Cruor earned on their characters for Refractive Crystals from the Provenance Protocrystal in !bazaar. Refractive Crystals take the place of the older Balance Coin (Coin of Balance) and players may freely buy/sell/trade them with other players.

Refractive Crystal.png