Ffera Wiki

These are the extra commands available to players on the Era server.

General Purpose[]

  • !mk - If you target a door, this will use masterkey to open it. (See how this changes some missions)
  • !re - Fix party bug where you're unable to see party HP/MP.
  • !noxp - Removes the experience bonus buff if you have it.
  • !th - Checks the level of Treasure Hunter on the monster.
  • !dismount
  • !getid - Will print to chat the ID of the target
  • !relic - will tell you how long you have left until your stage is ready for pickup
  • !face - changes the direction you're facing based on crafting myths (obsolete)
  • !uptime - shows server uptime for that region
  • !wspoints 0 - Prints quest WS points for main hand. (Largely to track the progress of unlocking WSNM and Mythic WS)
  • !wspoints 2 - Prints quest WS points for ranged weapon. (Largely to track the progress of unlocking WSNM and Mythic WS)
  • !mobstats - Shows information about the targeted monster, including attack, accuracy, level, and base stats
  • !footprint - Shows a zone that you haven't gotten for the Goblin Footprint quest. Resets in 20 hours, or when you find the footprint listed.
  • !haste - Display haste values


  • !setskin - Used to apply player's choice of appearance from a pre-set library of armors & looks, at their leisure.
  • !randomskin - TEH RANDOMNEZZ! Apply various armor & other appearances at random! TOTAL CHAOS!
  • !shantotto on|off
  • !thrust
  • !pow
  • !fly
  • !death
  • !chair

In Towns Only[]

  • !bazaar - Teleports you to the bazaar zone. Using it from the bazaar zone will send you back to the area you came from.
  • !mh - Opens the Mog House menu.
  • !ah - Opens the Auction House menu.
  • !tele command set - If you obtain the following teleport or recall crystals, their respective command will teleport you to there regardless of your current job.
    • !tele dem - Teleport - Dem
    • !tele holla - Teleport - Holla
    • !tele mea - Teleport - Mea
    • !tele altepa - Teleport - Altepa
    • !tele yhoat - Teleport - Yhoatr
    • !tele vahzl - Teleport - Vahzl
    • !tele jugner - Recall - Jugner
    • !tele pashow - Recall - Pashhow
    • !tele meriph - Recall - Meriphataud