Ffera Wiki

Some of the popular EXP mobs have been coded to respawn faster if the party that's killing them is of an appropriate level and kills them swiftly. This enables a party to chain mobs to increase their EXP/hour to a much higher rate. Once the party reaches a level where the mobs are no longer an appropriate challenge, they will begin respawning at their normal rate.

Some of these mobs are even in dungeons, which results in them spawning at a fraction of their normal rate!

The intent of this custom change is to encourage and reward skillfully party play between adventurers.

Valkurm Dunes

Mob Name Until Level
Hill Lizard 15
Sand Hard 15
Snipper 18
Damselfly 22
Brutal Sheep 22
Thread Leech 23
Beach Pugil 23


Mob Name Until Level
Land Worm 23
Clipper 26
Greater Pugil 27

Rolanberry Fields (S)

Mob Name Until Level
Lycopodium 29

Yuhtunga Jungle

Mob Name Until Level
Yuhtunga Mandragora 30
Goblin Smithy 32

Yhoator Jungle

Mob Name Until Level
Yhoator Mandragora 34
Goblin Smithy 36

Crawler's Nest

Mob Name Until Level
Death Jacket 39
Worker Crawler 39
King Crawler 46
Dancing Jewel 51
Rumble Crawler 51

Garliage Citadel

Mob Name Until Level
Borer Beetle 42
Siege Bat 42
Fortalice Bats 52
Warden Beetle 55

Gustav Tunnel

Mob Name Until Level
Hell Bat 43
Hawker 45
Goblin Reaper 45

East Ronfaure (S)

Mob Name Until Level
Colibri 45