Ffera Wiki

Making Era a Better Place, with cold hard cash! Donate to the server using this link or directly to the e-mail webmaster@ffera.com.

A word from administration concerning donating:

  • Era is a free to play community, and we don't mean free to play until you pay.
  • We are strictly against "pay-to-win" scenarios.
  • As a player, there is nothing more disheartening than seeing someone equate your hard work/time to a dollar amount.
  • As an administrator, there is nothing more frustrating than being treated like customer service.
  • Above all, remember that donating is for server costs, not player services. This is simply an added Thank you from the admin team.

Donator Discord Access

We have a few Donator-only channels on our Discord server. If you make a donation and don't already have access, let us know! Please include your Discord name to be granted access if it does not match to your character name.

International Players Without Access to PayPal

Over the years, we've had requests from some players who live in countries where PayPal is restricted or otherwise not an option in order to donate to the server. While there may be ways to work around this, it's not ideal and still restrictive. However we have decided on an acceptable substitute where PayPal is not an option.

By making a donation to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders on behalf of the Era community and providing proof as one normally would has been unanimously agreed upon by the staff as an acceptable option going forward. Outside of the place to which you make a donation, all other directions for donation procedures will remain the same.

We hope that this is an acceptable alternative to those that have wished to make donations but been unable to for any reason, and as always thank you for playing here on Era!

Donation Rewards

While you are more than welcome to donate simply to keep the lights on, we do honor requests for the rewards below for individuals who help pay the server bills. These are thank you gifts from the staff. Donators may pick from any of the items below for donations exceeding $5 and are generally delivered within 12-72 hours.

IMPORTANT NOTE : When you make a donation reward request, please file a ticket via the Era HelpDesk with your specific donation request information. Please also include a screenshot of the Donation receipt and/or confirmation e-mail with Transaction ID visible. If you do not provide information at the time of the donation it could be some time before we can figure out what you want.


Cosmetics include items such as holiday/event equips, fireworks and other equivalent items. These are limited to items without any stat modifiers or latent effects affecting gameplay and will be in agreement with our stance against pay to win items. Feel free to select a few or ask for GM's choice! Note: the GM you get may have questionable tastes or a bad sense of humor! :)

Lady's Yukata

Eerie Cloak

Chocobo Beret

Chocobo Whistle

You can summon your very own mountable Chocobo with this shiny whistle. Chocobos are available in any color you want, as long as it's yellow! An in-game method to obtain the Whistle will exist in the near future but you can skip the wait or buy it for your characters you don't wish to quest it on. Chocobo Whistles are required to use Mounts.

Character Adjustment

We can do either or both of the following at one time:

  • Race/face change - Either create another character that has the look you desire or find another player with it. We'll match your character's face to it.
  • Name change - Search the Era website for existing Characters and, if your desired name is available, we'll change it.
  • Custom pet name - Your automaton or wyvern can have a customized name!

Donator Weapon Skills

These weapon skills are by no means a must. These are purely for opening new skillchains. Their Relic counterpart weapon skills will still do more damage than donation weapon skills. Example: Dancing Edge can close Light SC when using the custom version (Exenterator). They will unlock for all jobs so long as that job can reach skill level 230 with the weapon.

$2 USD each, or $20 USD for all 14 weaponskills. Unlocking 10 will provide the last 4 free.

  • Exenterator = Dancing Edge
  • Resolution = Guillotine
  • Stardiver = Penta Thrust
  • Entropy = Guillotine
  • Blade:Shun = Blade:Jin
  • Jishnus Radiance = Sidewinder
  • Last Stand = Slug Shot
  • Myrkr = Spirit Taker
  • Cloudsplitter = Rampage
  • Realmrazer = Hexa Strike
  • Tachi:Shoha = Tachi:Kasha
  • Upheaval = Raging Rush
  • Victory Smite = Asuran Fists
  • Requiescat = Vorpal Blade

Note that these Donator Weapon Skills were introduced at a different period of time in the server's history. Staff are currently discussing the possibility of implementing these in-game through some means. Regardless of any changes, anyone who donated for them will have them available.