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Making Era a Better Place, with cold hard cash! Donate to the server using this link or directly to the e-mail webmaster@ffera.com.

A word from administration concerning donating:

  • Era is a free to play community, and we don't mean free to play until you pay.
  • We are strictly against "pay-to-win" scenarios.
  • As a player, there is nothing more disheartening than seeing someone equate your hard work/time to a dollar amount.
  • As an administrator, there is nothing more frustrating than being treated like customer service.
  • Above all, remember that donating is for server costs, not player services. This is simply an added Thank you from the admin team.

Donator Discord Access

We have a few Donator-only channels on our Discord server. If you make a donation and don't already have access, let us know! Please include your Discord name to be granted access if it does not match to your character name.

International Players Without Access to PayPal

Over the years, we've had requests from some players who live in countries where PayPal is restricted or otherwise not an option in order to donate to the server. While there may be ways to work around this, it's not ideal and still restrictive. However we have decided on an acceptable substitute where PayPal is not an option.

By making a donation to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders on behalf of the Era community and providing proof as one normally would has been unanimously agreed upon by the staff as an acceptable option going forward. Outside of the place to which you make a donation, all other directions for donation procedures will remain the same.

We hope that this is an acceptable alternative to those that have wished to make donations but been unable to for any reason, and as always thank you for playing here on Era!

Donation Rewards

While you are more than welcome to donate simply to keep the lights on, we do honor requests for the rewards below for individuals who help pay the server bills. These are thank you gifts from the staff. Donators may pick from any one of the items below for donations exceeding a certain value and are generally delivered within 12-72 hours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you make a donation reward request, please file a ticket via the FFEra Discord Help Desk with your specific donation request information. Please also include which email you made the donation with so we can compare our records. If you do not provide information at the time of the donation it could be some time before we can figure out what you want.

Cosmetics ($5)

Acquire a set of cosmetics for a single character. Cosmetics include items such as holiday/event equips, fireworks and other equivalent items. These are limited to items without any stat modifiers or latent effects affecting gameplay and will be in agreement with our stance against pay to win items. Feel free to pick out a whole outfit! You can pick cosmetic-only items that can be acquired normally on Era, too, such as during holiday events or from NM Hunt rewards.

Lady's Yukata

Lady's Yukata

Eerie Cloak

Eerie Cloak

Chocobo beret

Chocobo Beret

Character Adjustment ($5)

We can either or both of the following two options at the same time for a single character:

  • Race/face/size change - Either create another character that has the look you desire or find another player with it. We'll change your character's race, face, and size to match the target character.
  • Name change - Search the FFEra website for existing Characters and, if your desired name is available, we'll change it. Protip: You can even use upper case (e.g. "DiscipleOfEris" as opposed to "Discipleoferis")!

Custom Pet Name ($5)

Your automaton and/or wyvern on a single character can have a customized name! This is not limited to the normally-available pet names.

Chocobo Whistle ($5)

Item description for the Chocobo Whistle

Chocobo Whistle

No longer required for mounts. A chocobo whistle is a necklace you can wear which allows you to get on a chocobo. You can recharge it for free by trading to Honorine in Lower Jeuno. The benefit of this item over a mount is that it has a separate cooldown from mounts. Given this offers a real mechanical benefit, we fully intend to implement this as an in-game quest soon, but until that happens we still want some way for non-mentor characters to acquire this item. Note: your character must be at least level 20 to use the Chocobo Whistle. You can trade this Chocobo Whistle to Mapitoto in Upper Jeuno to receive the Chocobo mount ability (will not consume the Chocobo Whistle).

Chocobo Reskin ($5)

Select a chocobo with the color and details of your choosing! This will affect both your Chocobo Whistle and your Chocobo mount ability. Options for color include: yellow, red, blue, green, and black. Additional detail options include: expanded tail plumage, refined beak, and larger talons (can pick multiple of these detail options, if desired). This option does not actually unlock the Chocobo mount. For that, see Chocobo Whistle, above.

Yellow Chocobo

Yellow Chocobo with no features

Red Chocobo with talons

Red Chocobo with enlarged talons

Blue Chocobo

Blue Chocobo with refined beak

Green Chocobo

Green Chocobo with extra plumage

Black Chocobo with three

Black Chocobo with all three features

Weapon Skills

Discontinued, and now implemented in our custom Martial Mastery quest! We intend to implement a new set of donation weapon skills soon, that will truly be cosmetic-only.

Mount ($10)

Pick one of the mounts that are not available as one of our in-game Mounts achievement rewards, or donate $25 to get three mounts! For a full list of possible mounts (with the previously mentioned exceptions), see Mounts on bg-wiki (Noble Chocobo mount is not available). Note: your character must be at least level 20 to use a mount. To unlock your mount, trade the notebook item a GM gives you (e.g. ♪Tiger) to Mapitoto in Upper Jeuno!

Mounts available for donation:

  • Tiger
  • Crab
  • Red Crab
  • Sheep
  • Bomb
  • Morbol
  • Crawler
  • Beetle
  • Hippogryph
  • Coeurl
  • Raaz
  • Levitus
  • Adamantoise
  • Dhalmel
  • Doll
  • Golden Bomb
  • Buffalo
  • Wivre
  • Red Raptor
  • Byakko

Mounts ineligible for donation:

  • Chocobo (acquired with Chocobo Whistle. See above)
  • Fenrir (defeat Fenrir Prime)
  • Omega (defeat Omega)
  • Magic Pot (defeat Kirin)
  • Raptor (defeat Odin)
  • Spectral Chair (defeat Pandemonium Warden)
  • Tulfaire (defeat Absolute Virtue)
  • Xzomit (clear CoP storyline)
  • Spheroid (clear RoZ storyline)
  • Moogle (defeat Vrtra, Tiamat, Jormungand)
  • Warmachine (defeat Gulool Ja Ja, Gurfurlur the Menacing, Medusa)
  • Iron Giant (defeat all four Salvage bosses: Armored Chariot, Battleclad Chariot, Long-Bowed Chariot, Long-Armed Chariot)
  • Goobbue (reach level 75 on a character in Mentor mode)
  • Noble Chocobo (does not display correctly)
  • Phuabo (does not display correctly)