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  • You have to be Level 65
  • Complete Mission 5-2 for your Nation
  • Get the CS in Xarcabard

Entry and lockout:[]

We don't use Timeless Hourglasses.  You can also re-enter Dynamis at any giving time. The only exception is Dynamis - Jeuno, which was given a 1 hour lockout in January 2019 due to the zone being very popular. This lockout can be waved by trading a 100 piece of currency to the Trail Markings in Ru'Lude Gardens.

General Information:[]

A Dynamis zone will reset as soon as the last player leaves the zone.  If you're going for a win, make sure one person stays inside so the stragglers can click the "???".  Every Dynamis zone & Dynamis Lord are available. For detailed Dynamis information, consult the Dynamis Guide

Server Rules / Courtesy:[]

Dynamis zones are shared zones just like any other. Players are allowed to venture inside these zones alone or with a group.  However, a group of players who want to get the dynamis win will always prioritize over solo BLMs farming currency.  If your one of those players who enjoy annihilating statues for that sweet currency, please have courtesy to other players and groups.  Try to remember to check the dynamis zone you're about to enter so you won't get any surprises.  If players are inside you can always send them a /tell and ask them how long they might be.  Now dynamis is open to everyone and not one single person owns the zone.  So if you are a solo BLM farming in a zone, you could run into other solo farmers as well.  I ask for any solo farmer, and group, to check the zones before you enter and talk to the player(s) if anyone is inside.  Let them know your coming in and want to farm, maybe you guys can team up, or maybe a player could move to a different zone.  Check out the FFXI Wiki Dynamis Here.


Limbus is a bit different.  We allow players to re-enter limbus.  Important thing to note, you will need to refresh your key items if you're the player who is entering first and selecting the floor.  Everyone else who is entering after will keep their key items.  Just like Lv75 Retail you will need the temporary key items Cosmo-Cleanse and the color coordinated Card. You must also have access to Sea.  All Limbus + Omega & Ultima are available.  Don't panic if you don't see a chest spawn right away.  Some chests will only spawn once the mobs disappear completely, plus a few seconds give or take. *Needs confirmation: Chest seems to appear after mob disappears completely and then hit F1 to target yourself and hit escape to untarget yourself and then hit F1 again to target yourself once again to force chest to load*

Limbus Courtesy[]

Please check the limbus zone for players before entering.  If you see players in Limbus go ahead and shoot them a /tell asking which tower they're in.  There aren't multiple zones for each Tower.  So if a group is in Northern Tower and you enter Northern Tower afterwards, you will be in the zone with them. Please wait for the group to be done with their run before entering, or you can just select another Tower that has no players inside. Thank you, go ahead and check out the FFXI Wiki Limbus Here .

Artifact & Relic Restoration[]

Sagheera handles your Artifact Armor +1 (AF+1) and Relic Armor +1 (Relic +1) upgrades. The upgrade time frame is exactly one Earth hour, not the classic next conquest tally or the modern one game day. The recipes are retail accurate.