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Dynamis Guide and Mechanics[]

To unlock, and enter Dynamis, players must meet three criteria on each character intending to enter Dynamis. First, you must have reached Rank 6 in at least one nation. Next, you must have received the prerequisite cutscene in Xarcabard, And lastly, your character must be at least LV65 to enter. There are otherwise no restrictions to Dynamis beyond its normal time limit, excluding Dynamis Jeuno which has a one hour lockout that can be reset by trading any single 100-value currency to the trail markings per character. To access Dreamworlds Dynamis zones, the prior criteria must be met, as well as having defeated the Chains of Promathia mission "Darkness Named."

To access Dynamis Tavnazia, Dynamis Beaucedine Glacier, or Beaucedine Xarcabard, however, you must complete prior areas, and receive the key item for doing so. In the case of Tavnazia, the other three dreamworlds zones must be completed. For Beaucedne, the four city dynamis zones must be completed. And for Dynamis Xarcabard, Dynamis Beaucedine must be completed. This guide will serve to provide detailed information on the behavior of each zone, provided by information salvaged from the now defunct Dynamis Bums community resource.

Prologue - Era Dynamis, and tips.[]

Unlike Dynamis from other private servers, or retail at the time, there are no lockouts, or entry fees on Era for Dynamis, thus allowing players to spend near unlimited time inside. With this in mind, its important to know, barring a few exceptions, how things work within if you plan to operate in Dynamis.

  • Mounts are usable inside of Dynamis, and can be used to lose agro, or traverse without having to clear a path manually.
  • Nearly all Dynamis monsters have true-detection of some form.
  • Statue type enemies in most areas have around 1000HP, and are highly resistant to physical damage. Magic damage recommended.
  • Statue type enemies can drop 100-value pieces of ancient currency at a 1% droprate.
  • Beastmen can drop single value coins at a rate of 15% (With a potential to drop up to 6) and 100-value coins at 1.8%
  • Nightmare type enemies can drop single value coins at a rate of 20% (with a potential of up to 4) and 100-value coins at 3%.
  • Notorious monsters can drop 100-value coins at a rate of 3% per variety
  • Single value coins can be stolen from normal and notorious monsters
  • Base form Relic Weapons, and -1 armor drop from regular enemies and notorious monsters, but with few exceptions, not from statue type enemies.
  • Nightmare-type enemies are commonly piled and will link with one another if they have line of sight, or sound-link
  • Statues will spawn additional enemies upon agro, but not upon instant death, making Black Mages and potentially scholars ideal for farming coins safely.
  • Statue type monsters are immune to sleep.
  • Quadav Statues are Warrior job, making them the least resistant. Orc and Yagudo type statues are black mages, with the Yagudo type having minorly boosted stats on Era, making them the harder of the two and both more resistant to magic damage.
  • Goblin type statues are White Mages and in addition to boostesd stats and the Magic Defense Bonus job trait, will often have Shell, Blink, Stoneskin, making them the most challenging to kill with a single casting.

With this information out of the way, below will be specific guides and maps for each Dynamis, along with information on how to spawn each boss and clear the zones, as little guide is needed for farming Dynamis. If you can consistently deal 1000 damage or more with magic to a given statue type, you can farm a given area. Other supplemental information such as TIme/MP/HP recovery will be noted as a side-effect as well.

In all following maps, please note that Red numbers provide time boosts, green provide MP, and blue provide HP after the respective monster is defeated.

Standard Dynamis Zones[]

Dynamis San d'Oria[]

Strategy san1

Strategy san2

In order to spawn the boss in Dynamis San d'Oria, defeating both Wyrmgnasher Bjakdek, a Dragoon Notorious Monster, and Reapertongue Gadgquok, a Summoner, in front of the East, and West Ronfaure gates respectively . For ease, safety, and simplicity, eliminating all boardering statues, as well as the statues in front of the Norther San d'Oria gate, and in front of the Auction House, to leave ample room to operate. Be aware that Orc NMs in Dynamis have a Fanatic Dance tp move which will charm nearby players, which can make engaging them in close range risky, so it is advisable to have someone ready to provide a sleep should there be need. Once both have been defeated, Overlord's Tombstone spawns at the entrance of Northern San d'Oria, along with additional statues flanking either side, and once engaged, will spawn numerous Orcs, including Battlechoir Gitchfotch and Soulsender Fugbrag, which are both Bards, and four other statue type monsters.

One strategy for handling this is to clear a path to the zone's entrance, and have one party member claim the boss, then quickly run toward the zone's entrance while the rest attempt to kill the boss before the rest of the monsters return. Otherwise, its not inadvisable to simply sleep the added monsters and kill the smaller statues before focusing on the boss. Be warned, like most dynamis bosses, the Overlord's Tombstone is capable of casting numerous area of effect enfeebles and, Death so taking hate can end up with a death. As statue type monsters are slow moving, its also possible to use extra space to kite and trade hate between members if using numerous mages providing magic damage. Once defeated, an interactable mark will be created at the exact point where the boss was defeated, and clicking it will grant the player the 'Hydra Corps Command Scepter' key item.

Dynamis Bastok[]

Strategy bas1

Strategy bas2

In order to spawn the boss for Dynamis Bastok, three NM Quadavs must be spawned and defeated. The first, Ze'Vho Fallsplitter being located at the entrance to Zeruhn Mines. The second, Ko'Dho Cannonball is located at the entrance of Bastok Markets, and the last, Gi'Pha Manameister is located at the entrance of the Alchemy Guild. Be aware that the Simulacrum type enemies in Bastok are Warrior job, and have much lower Magic Defenses compared to any other Simulacrum types, making them fairly easy for a Black Mage or Scholar to clear in order to reach the various NMs. Once completed, the area boss will spawn at the gate to South Gustaberg, but unlike some other area bosses, does not spawn with any additional enemies.

The general strategy for Dynamis Bastok is to clear enemies around the NM spawns, and clear the south gate, and the area immediately north, to allow room to organize, however, as it lacks additional NMs or beastmen, generally this is one of if not the easiest of the various Dynamis bosses, however, be aware like the others, it still does have many AOE enfeebles like Sleep, and Break, and still has the capability to cast Death.

Dynamis Windurst[]

Strategy win1

Strategy win2

Dynamis Windurst is easily among, if not the hardest of the city Dynamis areas to spawn the boss for, as well as killing the boss. Unlike other Dynamis zones, Windurst has a "Sub-boss" that must be spawned and defeated before the area boss spawns, both of which, have additional monsters defending them. As the Map above lacks some location notation, your objective is to spawn notorious monsters located at numbered statues: 244, 169, and 198, which will then spawn a Simulacrum sub-boss at Heaven's Tower along with many beastmen and other simulacra. After defeating this sub-boss, the area boss will spawn in front of the Auction House, along with numerous other beastmen and Simulacra.

Like San d'Oria, a viable strategy is to clear the general running path, as well as the way to the entrance, and use a player, ideally a Thief, to perform a ranged attack on the sub-boss, and boss, to draw attention of the various enemies, and lead them either deeper into Dynamis Windurst, or toward the exit. From there, the same general rules apply of avoiding its elemental magic, enfeebles, and death spells. Be warned however that due to pathing issues that often, enemies may travel out of bounds to reach players, including cutting across the vast expanse of water, and may occasionally get stuck in these areas. If not careful, this can render a required monster to end up somewhere unreachable and make completing the run impossible. Also be warned that Windurst's Simulacra have elevated stats and are Black Mages, meaning they are more difficult to kill with Magic Damage than those in San d'Oria, or Bastok.

Dynamis Jeuno[]

Strategy jeu1

Strategy jeu2

Dynamis Jeuno is candidate for the easiest of the Dynamis areas to clear, but has a number of caveats to overcome. To spawn the area boss, the only thing required is killing the northernmost Simulacra near where Maat is normally located in Ru'lude Gardens. With that in mind, the Simulacra here are White Mages, with elevated stats which means they have Magic Defense Bonus, and often have Shell, Stoneskin, and/or Blink active, making them by far the hardest to kill. Worse still, is when killing select enemies, numerous others will spawn, sometimes in previously cleared areas, including when the boss is spawned. The boss spawns at the sole exit to Upper Jeuno, with a number of other Simulacra. Additionally, after leaving, if the zone resets or if you travel too far from Ru'lude, there is a 1 earth hour lockout before re-entry, however this can be bypassed by trading a 100-byne, Montiont Silverpiece, or Lungo-Nungo Jadeshell to the trail markings, per character.

With all of this in mind, the usual strategy I use is to clear a roughly U shaped area north of the boss, the two north-south roads, as well as the southern east-west T-shaped segment, and use that general area to fight the boss. After spawning the boss, re-clearing any newly spawned is highly advised. Again, the boss has the ability to cast Death, as well as some potent enfeebles, and may be prone to casting Shell, making it a fairly slow fight. Also be careful if the boss happens to be out of bounds or airborne near death, as the key item may drop out of reach of players.

Dynamis Beaucedine[]

Strategy bcd

If you have cleared all four of the City bosses and received their key items, you unlock access to Dynamis Beaucedine. This area is another somewhat reasonable zone to clear, but there are two tertiary objectives that can be completed here-in. The first is getting the area cleared in order to unlock access to Dynamis Xarcabard, and the second is spawning the special shade type enemies that drop Attestations, a required component in upgrading Relic Weapons.

If your goal is to complete the area, heading directly for Angra Mainyu with your group is sufficient. I once again recommend a kiter to pull initial attention, and then kite the four Pukis dragons while the rest of your group fights Angra Mainyu. As is standard for basically every Dynamis boss, area of effect enfeebles, and death are standard abilities, so take that into consideration when fighting him. Another thing to note is unlike any other Dynamis boss, rather than dropping an interaction point for the key item, instead, Any players in the area will simply receive the key item at Angra Mainyu's time of death.

If attempting to obtain Attestations, you need to travel to the Nue tower in the north east on the highest elevation, and defeat the Vanguard Eye at the tower proper, which will then spawn the various Shade enemies at the remaining five towers. In general, these Shades should be fairly normal fights, however, be aware that the Monk shade, Mildaunegeux attacks very fast, and accurately, and deals high damage per hit, which can make tanking this particular shade very dangerous.

Dynamis Xarcabard[]

Strategy xar

The final trial of Dynamis, unlocked for completing Dynamis Beaucedine, the Demon and Ahiriman type monsters here can be difficult for single players, meaning small groups are a minimum suggestion if you intend to do much of anything here. This is also the area with one of the hardest challenges if you intend to make a relic weapon. In order to activate the various Animated Weapon type enemies, and spawn the Dynamis Lord, you are required to kill the fifteen Demon NMs which reflect the first fifteen jobs added to Final Fantasy XI. Doing this is a particularly long time investment, and these demon NMs are fairly powerful, and durable, nearly necessitating collecting time extensions. With that in mind, some of the time extensions displayed on the map above only spawn when other monsters are defeated first, making getting these extensions a bit tedious as well. As for methods to defeating the demons in a timely fashion, its recommended to have a few black mages or summoners for defeating the Ahiriman monsters, and some variety of tanking job, as well as damage dealer assortment and standard support and healing jobs, to maintain safety, control, and minimize downtime, allowing completion before time draws short. Aside from that, killing the various dragons for Necropsyche should be pretty standard stuff if you've gotten this far. Apply treasure hunter, avoid clustering in the event of breath attacks, and kill it as quickly and safely as possible.

As for Dynamis Lord, treating it like Angra Mainyu from Beaucedine is a perfectly valid strategy, having one player kite, or sleep/bind Yang and Ying, and avoiding Dynamis Lord's Death spell either by interrupting or outranging it when possible. Generally you create enough room for a kiter for the dragons, and keep Dynamis lord near the entrance to Zavahl.

And for the Animated weapons, upon claim, they will spawn numerous "Satellite" copies of themselves, which can reasonably be slept, or, having a claimer and kiter pull them away while the main group fights the Animated weapon. Upon defeating them, they may drop a fragment needed to complete a given type of Relic weapon. Most weapons reflect the job most known for wielding said weapon (IE: Sword is a Paladin and thereby resists sleep to a high degree) and should be dealt with accordingly.

Dreamworld Dynamis Zones[]

Dynamis Valkurm[]

Dynamis Buburimu[]

Dynamis Qufim[]

Dynamis Tavnazia[]