Ffera Wiki
Start NPC Kurando - Port Bastok (H-6)
Requirements Bastok Reputation 3
Items Needed Silkworm Egg x 1
Title Granted Airship Denouncer
Repeatable No
Reward Black Silk Neckerchief


  • Talk to Kurando to accept the quest. He can be found at the end of the tunnel between the construction area and the water side.
  • Go to Rolanberry Fields and hunt the Silk Caterpillar (see testimonials) - it spawns every 11 minutes in the area of K-7, when the Airship flies by overhead. Kill it to get the Silkworm Egg. You will see a piece of Crag material sticking out of the ground. The Silk Caterpillar spawns just behind this.
  • Go back to Kurando and trade him the Silkworm Egg to get your reward.

Game Description

Kurando (Docks, Port Bastok)
Kurando claims airships are dangerous - that every time one passes over the Rolanberry Fields, a horrible beast appears. He needs you to bring back whatever the beast drops as proof to back his claims.