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Era is a free non-profit Final Fantasy XI private server gaming community, specifically focused on the classic 75 cap experience up to Wings of the Goddess expansion with many custom features and content that is always growing.

Era's features include:[]

Getting Started[]

Server Rules - It might be best to read these before playing.

What Makes Era Unique - A list of major differences and Custom Content one would find on Era. Era has a large amount of custom content, dwarfing any other private FFXI server in scope, all aimed at improving quality of life and/or providing access to content not yet implemented/implementable in retail form!

Installation - Information on how to install a client to play on the Era server

Troubleshooting -Go here if you are getting Errors playing the game or encountering issues

Configuration - Optional customization information on improving graphics, setting up controls (keyboard and controller), setting up chat logs, and more.

What Addons & Plugins Are Allowed - This page is fairly self-explanatory.

Information Center[]

In-game Issues & Troubleshooting

Known Issues - A listing of known issues players might come across.

Crafting Tiers and High Quality Synthesis


BCNMs - A rundown of known BCNMs that work.

Making Gil - Some general tips for raising funds.

Dynamis - Some general tips for navigating Dynamis

Popular Questions[]

Below are questions an Era neophyte might have.

Q: How many people play on Era? Will I be able to find/make experience points parties and participate in classic FF endgame?

A: As of the time of this writing, one would generally find over 100 characters online even at non-peak times. Equipping the Teh Social linkpearl all new characters start with, one can easily see there's always people on looking to do stuff and shoot the shit. Being a smaller community, most people care about their reputation and don't act like complete jackasses, which is nice.

Since Level Sync is active on the server and unrestricted, one can typically find or make an experience points party without an issue around the clock. Players can always elect to create alt characters and utilize them to fill in the gaps or powerlevel their parties if they'd like to do so.

Linkshells do classic FFXI events like Dynamis, HNMs, Salvage, Sea, Sky, ZNMs, and more on Era. It is up to you to attain access to these areas and network with fellow players in order to do them.

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Q: What expansions are playable on Era?

A: One can play jobs, access areas and do events from vanilla FFXI, Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia, Treasures of Aht Urghan, and Wings of the Goddess.

Q: What sort of quality of life improvements will I find on Era?

A: Era features a 4x EXP gain rate, unrestricted level sync, Fields of Valor is available, increased movement speed, boosted gil rewards from many quests, the ability to teleport between unlocked Home Point crystals, and all outpost warps and maps are unlocked from the start.

In addition, players start with tons of inventory space. A full 80-slot inventory, 2 Mog Safes, Mog Satchel, Mog Sack, Mog Case, and all 4 Wardrobes. You do still have to unlock your Mog Locker and obtain furniture to increase the Storage inventory of your Mog House.

FFXI veterans who might be wary of having to do some of the old footwork yet again to play on Era should be at ease. Era's balance of retaining the rewarding gameplay with QoL improvements is just right for individuals who might have more responsibilities than they did in when they first started playing the game.

Finally, please note that you can view a list of our custom/adjusted content here.

External Links of Interest[]

Official Web Site

Official Discord Server - Comfy chat and live support with the game's GMs and fellow players.

Campsitarus - Tuufless' old EXP Camps guide is generally applicable to mobs on Era.