Ffera Wiki

First of all, welcome to Era!  We're a close knit community of gamers who share an interest in FFXI.  Whether you've never played before, you played retail 15-20 years ago and want to relive some nostalgia, or are returning to Era, things have changed and this guide should help you get started.  The TehSocial linkshell should be your first line of defense for questions and help.  Everyone on the server has a pearl, so it's a good place to get questions answered or find help with something.  Please be advised, "Is there a GM on?" is never a good question.  Our players are very helpful, and if GM intervention is truly needed you'll have to submit a ticket in Discord anyway.

Essential Quests

Support Job

Chocobo License

Making Money

Goblin Footprints

Save all Beastmen's Seals and Kindred Seals.  There are a number of custom ways to obtain items here, and a way to exchange seals to whichever you need. We have a custom way to exchange seals so you can run the BC or KSNMs you want. Some BCNMs do not work, but our wiki should contain all the info you need.

Seal Exchange


Gil rewards for repeatable quests are increased on Era.

Black Tiger Fangs

Gil rewards for rank missions are also increased on Era.

Gearing Up

Low-man and budget-friendly equipment list[]