This page catalogues issues that have been investigated by staff and confirmed as currently Known Issues. The Era staff plans to address the majority of these issues over time. Consider it a to-do list during developer free time.

General Game Issues

  • Some crafting guild Guild Point menus do not function correctly.
  • Monsters cannot currently be fished up.
  • The weaponskill Myrkr does not function properly.

Item-Related Issues

  • Additional effect vs certain mob types weapons do not function correctly. An effort is being made on Topaz to rework Additional Effect items, and we are waiting for that before coding them.
  • Berserker's Torque does not wake you up from Sleep effect, but does drain HP and raise TP.

Job-Specific Issues


  • Automaton weaponskills aside from Magic Mortar do not skillchain properly.

Quest-Related Issues

  • "Beyond the Sun" can have issues. If going for a Maat's Cap, be sure to screenshot each of your Maat fights and submit a ticket if Maat does not give you a Maat's Cap.

Game System Issues

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