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Until you're established on Era (or even sometimes when you are already), gil can be hard to make. This page shall serve as a list of the some efficient ways to make gil on Era.

Feel free to add your own, or submit your ideas!

General Tips[]

  • DO NOT DROP YOUR BEASTMEN'S SEALS! You will find a use for them later on, trust me!
  • Gil rewards from non-repeatable quests and attaining new nation ranks are multiplied by 4.9 on Era, so any quest listed below is usually based on that. If you're not seeing a quest you want to do, head to the FFXIclopedia Quests list and find one you like more!
  • Make sure you visit the !bazaar zone and talk to Grumblix to join the Goblin Mafia to unlock gil making footprints.  Examine every Goblin Footprint you come across after reaching level 5 for some easy gil! It also unlocks some custom content further down the road!
  • If you are certain you are not interested in playing mage jobs, you can sell popular quested magic scrolls for good money on the Auction House!
  • RETAIL ARBITRAGE!! This has been a method for making gil on FFXI since the debut of the Auction House! Buy items from NPCs and then list them for a markup of some amount on the AH. Buyers may either be ignorant of the source or just not have enough time to track it down. You would probably be surprised at how fast even low level weapons and armor sell, provided your markup isn't ridiculous.
  • Collect all of your drops and shift them over to your Mog Sack or Mog Case once you get a full stack. Later in town, you can put them on the Auction House or put them to use. Very few items in the game are truly worthless. While a more established player might feel like they don't have time for some items, you as a beginner need to use this to your advantage and fill those holes in the economy! The more you contribute, the more gil will show up in your Delivery Box more often! [Amusingly, that's why advice from some high players isn't always applicable or valuable to a beginner, their perception has changed.]

Low Level[]

  • Sell your stacks of crystals on the Auction House for a competitive price to have a nice trickle of income as your grind your levels. Crafters buy these to make foods and materials, so crystals are the lifeblood of the FFXI economy!
  • Compare the selling prices of items to NPCs to what it goes for on the Auction House. While NPCs provide some gil then and there, sometimes it's worth waiting for an item to sell on the Auction House for an exponentially bigger bounty.
  • Compare the prices of desired spells on the Auction House and through NPCs. Sometimes it's much cheaper to go with either route!
  • Fishing, mining, logging, harvesting, and chocobo digging are gateways to materials crafters desire that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Most of these activities you can get started in for very low costs.
  • Some low level monsters drop some desired items like Beehive Chips, Ram Skins, Silk Thread, Wild Onions, Zinc Ore, and more. These and more sell at a good pace and some for very nice prices despite their ease of farming. You will learn that many would rather spend a decent bit of gil than take the time to farm them.

Mid Level[]

  • Consider leveling a craft, and research your market to fill needs not currently met.
  • Some mid level monsters drop some desired items like Beastman Blood, Cockatrice Meat, Coeurl Hides, Coeurl Meat, Coeurl Whiskers, Gausebit Grass, Scorpion Claws and Shells, Spider Webs, Tiger Hides, and more.
  • Era's custom NM Hunt! With prizes ranging from a couple dozens thousands of gil to nearly 100k, the instant bounty is well worth it on top of the exclusive rewards!
  • Some people like to farm coffer/chest keys and open them for the gil. You will also receive numerous items you can sell on the auction house. A player can begin to farm the keys off of mobs with ease at this level range, popping the chests while farming other items in the area.
  • At this level range, you usually have the resources to participate in BCNMs to try for some very desirable items. If you're new to FFXI, ask in the social LS about which to try and what strategies to use.

High Level[]

  • Continue to explore BCNMs, KSNMs, ENMs, and ZNMs you can do with others for drops as you improve your character and it's gear. Some drops are worth hundreds of thousands or millions of gil!
  • Some monsters that only higher level players can reasonably farm have drops like Ahriman Wings, Angel Skin, Clot Plasma, Karakul Skin, Manticore Fang, Manticore Hair, Manticore Hide, Uragnite Shells and so much more...
  • Farm Dynamis and sell ancient currency to other players making relics.
  • Farm Limbus for Ancient Beastcoins, which can be sold to other players.
  • Sell transferable drops from high level and endgame monsters to other players! Don't just let your linkshell put them in some "bank" when you could get some of that sweet, sweet gil! Have discussions about spreading the wealth to make sure it doesn't disappear while being hoarded on someone's random alt!
  • Join the Era Discord server, and keep an eye on the #bazaar channel for goodies other players are buying!