What Mentor mode is and how to activate it!

Mentor mode has different settings to play on this server. Very similar to retail, except there are some handicaps and some perks.  Over 30 mins of playtime you can get your choco whistle from mentor crystal in !bazaar zone. Just click it and you have it  


  • x1 experience (compared to x4)
  • NO fields of Valor pages or buffs


  • 400% movement speed in city's (still a work in progress)
  • Custom Moogle shops/buffs level appropriate for retail camps
  • Endlessly rechargeable Chocobo whistle (can use in most zone)
  • Other supersizes and still working on adding more!
  • At Merit Moogle camps if a mentor activates it the party will receive special buffs for jobs they are on

Making a Mentor

  • Character Must have less than 30 minutes of playtime
  • Character Cannot have an active fields of valor page
  • Character Cannot be greater than level 1

Visit the Bazaar zone by typing "!Bazaar" into the chat while in a city. This command will send you to the "Bazaar zone" we have implemented. Once there you will see a Crystal. New players / non-mentors: Click the crystal if you wish to become an mentor. Type /mentor to turn your flag on


Moogles will give special buffs to Mentor characters and lesser buffs to non-mentor characters. Some Moogles are also shops for Mentors. These Mentor Moogles have special items only available for Mentors and one of Mentors biggest perks, so take advantage of them.

Please check out our Moogle Page to learn more about Moogles and their locations.