Mounts are custom as they can work anywhere in game except Assault and Salvage zones

Mounts are only available for use after you get a Chocobo Whistle. 2 ways you can get your hands on a whistle.

  1. Start a character and become a mentor then goto !bazaar zone and click Mentor Crystal and receive your whistle
  2. Donations or through some of our giveaways

Once you have a Whistle in possession you can collect menu usable mounts

Defeat Certain NMS

Fenrir Mount

Fenrir mount

Defeat Fenrir

Omega Mount

Defeat Omega

Magic Pot Mount

Defeat Kirin

Chair Mount

Defeat Pandimodium Warden

Flying Bird Mount

Defeat Absolute Virtue

Absolute Virtue Mount

Rendezvous Point in Ru'Lude Gardens

Xzomit Mount

Complete COP story line

Spereoid Mount

Complete Zilart sotry line

Moogle Mount

Defeat the 3 Wyrms - Tiamat, Vrtra, Jormy