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Mounts are custom as they can work anywhere in game except Assault and Salvage zones

There are various mounts that can be collected by accomplishing certain achievements in-game. Additionally, mentor characters are able to acquire a Chocobo Whistle from the Provenance Crystal in the !bazaar zone.

Defeat Certain NMS[]

Fenrir mount
Absolute Virtue Mount

Fenrir mount[]

Defeat Fenrir

Omega mount[]

Defeat Omega

Magic Pot mount[]

Defeat Kirin

Raptor mount[]

Defeat Odin

Spectral Chair mount[]

Defeat Pandemonium Warden

Tulfaire mount[]

Defeat Absolute Virtue

Survival Guide (I-10) in Ru'Lude Gardens[]

Xzomit mount[]

Complete COP story line

Spheroid mount[]

Complete Zilart story line

Moogle mount[]

Defeat the 3 Wyrms - Tiamat, Vrtra, Jormungand

Warmachine mount[]

Defeat all 3 ToAU kings - Gulool Ja Ja, Gurfurlur the Menacing, Medusa

Iron Giant mount[]

Defeat all 4 Salvage Bosses - Armored Chariot, Battleclad Chariot, Long-Bowed Chariot, Long-Armed Chariot


Goobbue mount[]

Reach level 75 on a character in Mentor mode. Visit the Provenance Crystal in the !bazaar zone.

Special Note[]

The server may let you ride mounts through teleporting devices, but sometimes you will get stuck. Consider dismounting first.

If you do get stuck, try "!dismount" and/or "/dismount". If these don't work and you remain stuck upon force D/Cing, use the website's force offline and unstuck features.