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Era has a custom Notorious Monster Hunt with gil and exclusive item rewards.

How to Participate[]

Start off by talking to the bird looking Explorer Moogle in front of the auction house in Ru'lude Gardens. The NPC will then give you a clue, hint, or riddle that will point you in the direction of some NM in game. Once you kill a NM in game its recorded to you character. Go back to the Explorer Moogle and ask him if you found the right one. If its right, you will be rewarded with Gil or a special item. Every 5th kill gives you another special item you cant find anywhere else.

You have 2 weeks to find your current Hunt. you can reclick the moogle at any time to see your clue again and to see time remaining to find it. If you can't find it within your time limit the next time you click him he will give you a new Hunt.

If you have completed a Hunt you have a 3 day rest to start the next while the moogle thinks of a new one for you.

Every character has their own personal Hunt, the current objective is not shared across the server. Should you find yourself camping the same NM against someone, feel free to team up since everyone in the party that kills it gets credit.

Gil Reward[]

Gil rewards appear to be random and recorded values range from 25,000 to 100,000.

Item Rewards[]

Pre-determined exclusive items are awarded on every 5th hunt completed. Currently, there are rewards coded for up to kill #130. Rewards players have posted so far:

Some of the discovered item rewards you can receive on random kills in place of gil include:

  • Cotton Coin Purse
  • Linen Coin Purse

Cheat Sheet[]

If you derive enjoyment from figuring out puzzles, then you should probably stop reading here. Below is an (incomplete) listing of clues and, where solved, the resulting NMs you should seek out. (Help out the Era community by editing the page to link to the ffxiclopedia page for your NM hunts after you complete them! With everyone's help we can all save each other tons of time going forward!)

  • 5 points for your delivery, Mochrie. - Cargo Crab Colin
  • All of my people retreat into their homes when scared, I do not! - Shankha
  • A roaming disaster. It will be prompt to end you, quickly. - Hazmat
  • Beware the Executioner in the shadows.. - Northern Shadow
  • ..Beware the Fig Trees... - Yara Ma Yha Who
  • Champagne by the lighthouse - Bubbly Bernie
  • Come join our dance in the graveyard. - Citipati
  • Energy manipulated it into a tool of death. What it takes as playful, others take as pain. - Prankster Maverix
  • I am a Nightmarish Giant - Epialtes
  • I am but a simple messenger - the harbinger of doom! - Intulo
  • I am the deity of my kind - I find it quite refreshing! - Taisaijin
  • I am the sentinel to the ruins of their sanctuary. My allies and I defend our stronghold - Meteormauler Zhagtegg
  • I can handle the hate, Barry. - Bisque-heeled Sunberry
  • I destroy everything that get in my way. - Rampaging Ram
  • I have so many fillings in my mouth. copper, zinc, silver and gold - Bigmouth Billy
  • I'm certainly not the king of this old castle. - Moo Ouzi the Swiftblade
  • I'm not going to brag about coming in second. - Porphyrion
  • I shall curse you with a malevolent glare! / Gaze into my evil eye. - Ge'Dha Evileye
  • Is that muffin-top in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? - Blubbery Bulge
  • I strike fear into dragons. I destroy seafaring ships. Look to the southern sky to see me. - Serra
  • I wade in the water while wondering when the water will wash me away. - Wake Warder Wanda
  • I wouldn't go wading in the woods with me around - Swamfisk
  • I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids! - Dame Blanche (used to be different clue)
  • Just saying my name gets the blood flowing through my veins! - Bloodsucker
  • My 66 Legions and I will mark the graves of our enimies - Count Bifrons
  • My spirit is adrift at sea on a lonely island. - Ahtu
  • Shikaka, Shikakaa, Shikasche, Shish kabob, Shawshank Redemption, Chicago! - Golden Bat
  • The blood of many young adventurers may stain my pauldrons but I wish to wear them no more. - No'Mho Crimsonarmor
  • Water is my enemy and causes oxidation on me. - Steelfleece Baldarich
  • I carry the water through the tree. - Aquarius
  • Swear I'm the king! I even have the crown to prove it! - Tonberry Kinq
  • We found this monk's cat carrying a bow made of sacred wood. - Patripatan
  • Duke, duke, duke, duke of East... - Duke Decapod
  • I don't look like a pig and I smell funny. - Sea Hog
  • The protector of the Sanctuary. - Keeper of Halidom
  • Is this NM and his cloth even real? - Quu Xijo the Illusory
  • I'm the schmaltziest sapling in the forest. - Sappy Sycamore
  • Only one thing for Christmas will do. - Hippomaritimus
  • Chacha, chichi, cheche, chuchu... - Chonchon
  • You might lose something around this prankster that doesn't know when to quit. - Mischevious Micholas
  • I'm the aviophobe's missing link. - Silk Catepillar
  • Don't lose your head. - Bi'Gho Headtaker
  • My metal detector doesn't go brrrt but it sounds similar. - Wurr the Sandcomber
  • Gosh that sound is worse than Sandorian bagpipes. - Skirling Liger
  • I'm the undefeated duelist of my race. - Ga'Bhu Unvanquished
  • I'll take away the pain but leave you paralyzed. - Numbing Norman
  • You can't find me hiding under some leaves. - Koropokkur
  • Malfoy & Knuckles - Daggerclaw Dracos
  • Make like a tree and leaf, weakling. - Fraelissa
  • There was a great flood during my reign. Now I count flowers on the tower walls with my friends. - Ogygos
  • Some people gnaw on em, I eat em outright. - Zi'Ghi Boneeater
  • Surf's up, dude. - Mouu the Waverider
  • Defeat this fun guy and you might get a sharp, poisonous weapon. - Gloomanita
  • A princess shouldn't be caught doing that in public, Sarasaland or elsewhere. - Drooling Daisy
  • What a bodaciously hungry monkey! - Edacious Opo-opo
  • I love my pool. I can swim in it and drink from it, too. - Bloodpool Vorax
  • Ganesh would be jealous of my appendages. - Thousandarm Deshglesh
  • Count the salt, walk on it, and you might be lucky enough to get a cursed item. - Calcabrina
  • Just a few quick snips and I'll be done. - Metal Shears
  • This spinner's thread is very desired. - Habetrot
  • Got blood? - Ashmaker Gotblut
  • Fear me. I'm a dark cloud of imposing magic. - Zo'Khu Blackcloud
  • DID I TELL YOU I'M VEGAN YET? - Herbage Hunter
  • I failed an audition to be the face of Fruit Loops cereal. I work on my magic now. - Myradrosh
  • This lizard really blows. - Geyser Lizard
  • This guy's necklace is a steal - Jaggedy-Eared Jack
  • This guy never needs to visit the chiropractor - Supplespine Mujwuj
  • Like all weapons, this one is harmful. - Nocuous Weapon
  • My sting is extremely cruel, if you live long enough to see it. - Demonic Tiphia
  • Hasn't said a word since the day Hercules slew him. - Mimas
  • This guy's seen a lot of action, he should get some new boots. - Hundredscar Hajwaj
  • I wouldn't trying eating this toxic mushroom. - Amanita
  • Have you seen my good throwing gloves? - Qu'Vho Deathhurler
  • I'm not new here, just usually hunting. - Kirata
  • I'm spiffy, thanks for asking! - Spiny Spipi
  • Hohoho, Green Peaness. - Jolly Green (Also seen as Ho ho ho, Green Peaness.)
  • Give me something sweet at night time and I might drop my pants. - Hercules Beetle
  • Just five more minutes... - Slumbering Samwell
  • I'm the wisest in this land but I'm told I should branch out more. - Woodland Sage
  • Bu-bu-bu-bu-bombs away! - Helldiver
  • Just put your lips together and blow, like a bird. - Vuu Puqu the Beguiler
  • A vampire that feeds primarily on children. - Masan
  • Whirlwind romance of tiger and lion. - Tempest Tigon
  • This guy has a dirty mouth, but used to be godly. - Yaa Haqa the Profane
  • You might feel a draft after he runs you through with his beak. - Skewer Sam
  • Nailfiber Gertrude? Speak clearly through those messed up teeth of yours. - Steelbiter Gudrud
  • This shy, dark-haired spirit is covered in leaves and moss. - Ghillie Dhu
  • This giant loves to munch on pilgrims. - Gargantua
  • He's from their town, but doesn't know Fred or Barney - Bedrock Barry
  • My five brothers and I love when adventurers bring us ferrous material. - Morion Worm
  • This ain't no thumper, he keeps strange company at night. - Teporingo
  • Protect your neck around this spanish bird. - Tococo
  • This cat with a sweet smile is a great protector. - Balam-Quitz
  • This demonic cat's hairs are strong enough to hold up to rapid fire. - Flauros
  • Officially the best of hawks that are named High Pants. - Habrok
  • Swords, flowers, tchatchkes, whatever. Oy vey! - Jeduah
  • I am death personified. - Ankou
  • Potentially a chef's best friend, but a stingy one. - Sozu Sarberry
  • This plant's strong enough to catch beastmen in its jaws. - Orctrap
  • Will the dentist knockk my tooth out? - Rambukk
  • If you look around in the dark, you might have his lunar charm. - Shadow Eye
  • Supposedly this fun guy is acrobatic but I've never seen him do anything tricks. (actual clue is grammatically incorrect) - Tumbling Truffle
  • Strike the walls hard enough so that we might breach them! - Orcish Wallbreacher
  • Just a few quick snips and I'll be done! - Metal Shears
  • This old man likes to drown people in the muck. - Voydanoi (NPC by the Survival Guide at South Landing teleports you to Phanauet Channel)