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All Nations Mission 3-3

mission Appointment to Jeuno (San d'Oria) A New Journey (Windurst) Jeuno (Bastok)

  1. After completing the part in your home nation you'll be sent to Jeuno to talk to your embassy. From there you'll be sent to Delkfutt's Tower.
  2. Once inside head left at the first intersection, Head to E-8 on the ground floor, past the stairs.
  3. Use !mk on the door to enter the basement.
  4. Inside the basement head to hallway at J-8 and click the door (dont use !mk) to zone into Upper Delkfutt's tower
  5. head straight ahead to the base of the stairs and click the ??? to use the elevator.
  6. this will take you to floor 10 right next to Porphyion, kill Him to receive your key.
  7. trade your key to the ??? to use the elevator and return to the basement, and receive the key item Delkfutt Key.
  8. Run down the stairs (You will zone a few times) and click on the door again to zone into Lower Delkfutt's Tower
  9. Click on the door for you nation (Dont use !mk) to receive a CS
  10. Return to Your embassy in Jeuno to finish the mission

All Nations 4-1

  1. Trade some crystals to a gate guard and then talk to the NPC in your nation's Embassy to start this mission
  2. Click on the Audience Chamber Door for a CS with the Duke
  3. Now head to the goblin shop and talk to Muckvix. After a cutscene, you will need to find Paya-Sabya in Upper Jeuno (I-8). Then back to Muckvix to receive the key item Yagudo Torch. You need at least one person in a group to have this key item or you'll be blocked from progressing in Castle Oztroja!
  4. From here you can skip all the other CSs in town and just go get your Magicite

The following can be done in any order

Note: A recent change has caused the doors to require all the proper key items in order to unlock, however someone with the key items can unlock the door for any other player.


  1. Once you zone in just Follow the Left wall, and enter the tunnel at H-7
  2. Follow the tunnel and turn left at the intersection to zone into Qulun Dome
  3. (there are some Goblin footprints here) Follow the path and use !mk on the Door
  4. Head inside and click the Magicite to recieve your KI Magicite: Orastone


  1. Head to G-7 and the Wall of Dark Arts
  2. Use !mk on the Wall of Dark Arts and run through it to zone into Monastic Cavern
  3. Follow the path and click on the Magicite to receive your KI Magicite: Optistone

Castle Oztroja

  1. Head to the Brass Door at I-8 and use !mk to open it.
  2. Follow the path and at the first intersection make a right turn then proceed to G-7
  3. When you enter the outside area head right and enter the the tunnel I-7
  4. follow the path down the stairs to the intersection and follow the right wall till you reach the Brass Door at H-9
  5. The character with the Yagudo Torch has to !mk the Brass door, everyone run inside, then turn right and head to Brass door at G-10
  6. Click or !mk the Brass Door and enter to zone into Alter Room
  7. (there are some Goblin footprints here) Follow the path and click the Magicite to recieve your KI Magicite: Aurastone

Return to Jeuno and click the Audience Chamber, Then return to your embassy to finish the mission.