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Mission Name The Enduring Tumult of War
Number PM5-1
Reward Light of Vahzl
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Slanderous Utterings Desires of Emptiness


  • On Era, it is possible to open the door that spawns Nunyunuwi  by using masterkey, but you will not advance the quest and get the next cutscene. You must fight Nunyunuwi. If you are doing this fight with some lower level characters, one could fight Nunyunuwi on the other side of the door, avoiding magic aggro from the bombs.


Pso'xja Composite Map

  • Optional: Head to the top floor of the Tavnazian Safehold and go behind the Walnut Door at (K-10) / (J-9) border and talk to Despachiaire for a cutscene.
  • Optional: Go toNorthern San d'Oria (L-6) and talk to Chasalvige (Cathedral - Manuscript Room). He will have no information on events you describe and suggest to ask around at Port San d'Oria.
  • Optional: Go toPort San d'Oria (H-6) and talk to Anoki, who will have hard time believing you and suggests you ask around at the other agencies as long as you do not mind your sanity being questioned.
  • Go to Port Bastok for a cutscene and to start the Chapter 5 - The Return Home. (You may teleport to Port Bastok from a Home Point.)
    • If you go to Port Bastok without talking to Anoki, you will get an alternate cutscene, where Louverance expresses surprise over the speed at which "you adventurers" can move around. This alternate cutscene is not available at the Melody Minstrel.
  • Talk to Cid for a cutscene atMetalworks (H-8), the second floor up.
  • Enter Pso'Xja at (F-7) near Nue's pop area in Beaucedine Glacier for a cutscene. This tower has no level cap.
  • Follow the path forward, until you find a stone door. Check it, and the Golem named Nunyunuwi will spawn.
    • Any job at around level 75, and even considerably lower, can defeat this with variable difficulty/speed. (see testimonials)
    • This NM has approximately 3500 HP, though offset by a strong Auto Regen trait.
    • Nunyunuwi only has to be defeated one time. It is not required to defeat every time one passes the door.
  • After Nunyunuwi is defeated, check the Stone Door once more to move onward.
  • Once through, proceed to the elevator and use it to go to the lower level.
    • Level 50 (or below): It is advisable to cast Sneak or use a Silent Oil before heading down with the elevator.
    • Do not cast magic while on the elevator. If your level is low enough, you will aggravate monsters in range on the way down.
    • Sitting/Resting will effectively aggravate the monsters as well, regardless of the level of a character.
  • When the elevator reaches the bottom, take the path/hallway that leads to another Stone Door.
  • Check the Stone Door for a cutscene which will take you to Promyvion - Vahzl, where you will get another cutscene and start the next mission.
    • You will also obtain the Light of Vahzl as you enter.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The airship piloted by Louverance did not arrive in San d'Oria, but Port Bastok. How much longer will Nag'molada wait for your arrival at the northwestern tower of Pso'Xja?